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India and Mexico

India and Mexico are both strong trading and investment partners. Mexico is the main Latin American destination for Indian investments and in turn the largest Latin American investor in India. Both countries have maintained a friendly relantionship for over 70 years, and currently share a "Privileged Partnership ". In 2018, bilateral trade between India and Mexico exceeded 10 billion dollars.


Promote bilateral economic & trade relations between India & Mexico through partnerships with private and public institutions at both federal and state levels, as well as with various Chambers of Commerce and Associations in Mexico and India.


The India-Mexico Trade & Commerce Council seeks to promote bilateral trade and investment between the two countries by generating a conducive business environment and offering solutions for companies in both countries.


Large platform across Latin America, creating an open business environment between both countries, allowing transparent communication, reducing bottlenecks, and empowering a community of business that can prosper
and add value by fostering mutually beneficial business networks.

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