Documents Required

The council will require scanned copies of the below listed documents for membership acceptance. All documents listed below are mandatory.

❖Individual Membership :
  • RFC
  • FM2 (Permanent Residence card)
  • Passport
  • Home/Office Address
❖Startups / Corporate Membership :
  • Acta constitutiva / Company incorporation document
  • RFC / Tax ID
  • Legal representative Identification (Permanent Residence card, Passport)
  • Office Address
Bank Details

Kindly deposit the membership fees, based on membership category and share the transfer copy for reference.

  • Name: Trade & Commerce Council of India and Mexico AC
  • Bank: BBVA
  • Account number: 0119557814
  • Clabe Interbancaria: 012180001195578147

Member Registration

General Information

Max-length 200 words.

Chairman/CEO Information *

Point of Contact for the Council *

Contact person (to be appointed as Official Representative to the Council – INDMEX):

Please select the description (only one) that best describes your organization *

Please Describe your Organization *

Please describe the topics of interest of your organization and the expectation for the Council(INDMEX) *

Membership type and annual fees structure

Membership Type Annual Membership Fees (MXN)
Individual Membership / Startups $5,000.00
Medium size Company $10,000.00
Corporates $20,000.00
Overseas Corporates, outside Mexico $10,000.00

It is understood that a background screening will be performed to all applicants before receiving the membership acceptance letter. The membership is for a minimum period of one year from the date recorded. Membership renewal letters will be made before expiration date.

Financial Point of Contact *
Contact person (responsible for accounts payable):
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